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The last century surely belonged to United States. U.S dominated the world in of economy, technology, education, military supremacy and independent thinking. What made this great country worthy of maintaining such global dominance for so long? There has to be something very special in the way affairs of the state are run. For that, The US Congress is responsible. United States has one of the best democratic systems in the world that evolved after so many experiments. This system has a key role in success of this country.

The US Congress is responsible for enacting all the laws which have made the American society a successful one. As far as structure of US Congress is concerned, it consists of two houses. The House of Representatives also called the lower house and the senate i.e. the upper house. The powers for legislation are divided among these two houses. Both these houses are empowered with special powers. The House of Representatives can initiate revenue generating bills crucial for economy and also can initiate an impeachment movement. The Senate on the other hand has the authority to approve the treaties and key appointments like judges, cabinet secretaries, ambassadors etc. The Senate has a more important role in legislation. The members enjoy longer terms, but are fewer in number.

Both these houses go side by side and consensus is necessary for approval of any legislation. This is one of the beauties of American democracy that there are people ready to debate and discuss issues. This provides a great feed back mechanism which helps in improving the system continuously. Since more brains are working for things and consensus is mandatory, the chances for laws that don’t work in favor of people are very slim. That is why their system is so successful.

The members of both these houses are elected. The timing of these elections is adjusted such that they cannot take place simultaneously. Again, that works for the advantage of general public because if they are not satisfied with the policies of current government, then they can give chance to opposing party for devising laws and putting pressure on government for improving the system.

As far as members of these houses are concerned, the lower house can have 435 members in accordance with the law. These members are selected by direct elections. Each state has a quota of members depending on its population. Each member can serve for tenure of 2 years. Similarly, there are two elected members for all the states serving for 6 years tenure.

There have been healthy procedures for enacting or amending laws in the Congress. Debate is the key. There can be some negative tactics too adopted by the parties in which they delay the procedures by long speeches and try to delay the proceedings. This is technically called filibuster. There has been a remedy called cloture that can make sure no time is wasted. But for that, clear majority is needed.

So, US government has healthy procedures for law making which attribute to the success US has had in the history. The system is not flawless, but encourages discussion which is crucial for democracy.

The US congress is a bicameral legislature of government of United States. In Washington DC which is the capital of country Congress meetings are held. Through direct elections representatives and senators are chosen. Members of house of representative usually serve two-year term and it consists of 435 members which represents a district. Usually house seats are distributed among the states according to population. Regardless of population each state has two senators; there are fifty states according to these there are hundred senators which serves six-year term.

All legislative power is granted to Congress in Unites Stated which consists of members of House of Representative and Senate. In legislative process Senate and House are equal partners or contributors. Without the consent of both chambers legislation cannot enacted. However each chamber has unique powers. House considers revenue raising bills whereas Senate approves about presidential appointments. Similarly Senate decides about impeachment cases where as house initiates these cases. To remove impeached person forcibly two third votes of Senate are required. Lee H. Hamilton famous scholar and representative said that the historic mission of congress is to maintain freedom and act like a force for US government and a remarkable institution. He said congress is the real soul of democracy in United States.

Usually congress covers two years and it refers to a meeting of a legislature. Member of congress refer to members from Senate as well as from House of representative. It is not only a reactive intuition but it has a main role in shaping policies of US government and it respond to public pressure. Two distinctive purposes are served by the Congress member’s local interest representation and law making. Throughout American history there is a strong debate about dual obligations which represent the wishes of citizens and nation.

Congress has a strong authority over budget and financial policies which include collection of taxes pay the debts and provide for general as well as defense of United States. In national defense role of Congress is very important especially about maintenance of armed forces it also declares about the war and makes military rules. When military moved to Panama in 1903 the president didn’t get Congress assent. In 1970 Time magazine also writes that the president didn’t ordered troops for action without deceleration by Congress. Disagreement about the president power versus congress regarding war can be observed throughout the history of nation.

Lee H. Hamilton explains that there should be a balanced power between intuitions, president, congress, Supreme Court and also between Senate and House of Representatives. Balance is also necessary between States and federal government and between rights of citizens and between government powers no part should dominate on other. Depending on different factors influence of US congress on presidency varies from time to time. During 20th and 21th century presidential power has risen, however in recent years with the help of law congress restricted the power of presidency. During presidential elections congress plays important role however it is the huge body of United Stated which plays key role in the creation of laws.

Mike Matusow is one of the most recognized poker players in the world due to his antics at the poker table which seems to bring in the cameras. Mike never started out thinking he would be a professional poker player and when he was younger he spent time working as a dealer in Las Vegas. After spending hours upon hours of watching poker being played Matusow decided that he would try his chances on the tables and gave playing poker a shot.

Mike spent time playing poker late at night in the casinos and on around his shift working as a dealer was completed. He ended up doing pretty well as a part-time poker player and he realized he would make more money playing poker full-time then he would playing part-time and dealing cards. Once he figured this out Mike decided that he would become a professional poker player and start playing full-time.

Matusow started playing in tournaments soon after beginning to play full-time and he won his first WSOP bracelet back in 1999. Matusow won his second bracelet in 2002 and then didn’t win his third bracelet until recently at the 2008 WSOP. In 2005 Mike won the WSOP Tournament of Champions which topped off an excellent year of poker for Mike. Throughout 2006-2008 Mike has played in a ton of tournaments and has had some amazing finishes including many top 10 and top 20 performances.

Mike has earned almost $7 million in live tournament action on PKR since he started playing poker and this puts him amongst the top of the list of tournament earners in poker history. Another little fact about Mike that you might not have known is that he was the first poker player to win $1 million+ twice in the same year. Matusow may let his antics have the better of him sometimes, but he is definitely one of the best tournament players in the world and his resume will prove this fact.

Mike Matusow also plays online poker quite a bit at Full Tilt Poker with the other team members, but he doesn’t have as much luck usually online. Mike has lost millions in the past by playing online poker and its one area that he hasn’t been able to specialize in. Matusow has also appeared on quite a few television shows including many episodes of Poker After Dark. Mike is known to be one of the most outspoken poker players at the table and this is why he is always asked to come on the television shows.

Mike “The Mouth” Matusow is definitely one of the most colourful poker players on the circuit and has had his share of personal problems. Mike has been in trouble with the law on numerous occasions including one time when he did a small amount of time in jail for drug related offences. Matusow has since got his act together and now he focuses on playing poker almost everyday. Mike has seen some success so far in 2009 at the WSOP and hopefully he can make a deep run into the Main Event this year.

Us congress is consisted on the senate and house of representatives. The head office is situated in Washington dc. Congress covers two years period and that period of congress is 112th congress. That period started from three January 2011. Congress main purpose is take a freedom in all the institution and it is driving force of us government. US Congress is considered soul of democracy. For avoiding any confusion, we can say member of congress is used to refer the senate and house of preventatives.

Congress take a huge role for giving shape of US government policies and most sensitive about the general public. Congress throw light on us government strengthen points and weakness about policies. Congress reflects every part of life in the United States like different kind of diversities and professions, etc. Congress gives his strengthen view about war and war over effects. We can give example of some US intellectual about us congress as an automobile which drives on different roads and directions. Driver’s character is important where he wants to take the automobile. During the journey, several places come, which is difficult for driver and automobile, but driver keeps his concentration on this journey. During whole the journey on different roads, internal system of the automobile is very important. If the internal system is strengthen, then automobile will drive in every difficult roads and situation and internal system also give indication to the driver about what should be the speed of automobile and how much fast he can drive. Internal system name is us congress and automobile and driver are the other parts of us government.

All members of the US congress play main roles about us policy. First is about local benefits of people and second is law making on national level. Congress is taking a huge role against hunger and poverty and talking on different matters to the United State government and guidelines as well. In the initial days when media was not so powerful that time congress have less sources for motivating the people, but in the 20th century, media become very powerful and congress avail this service for his purpose and on some issues congress takes its pressure on us government more efficiently because now because of media, congress members describe their point of view with full strength if they are not satisfying on us government some policies. The reason is that why congress members are gaining more benefit from media. This is an important reason behind.

In fact, media always oblige and search contradictory realities for getting viewer attention and then US congress members are not happy with US government polices, then they use the way and media gives attention their different point of view according to his agenda. The reality is congress person is much sincere with their national causes and sensitive also and when they feel that some things is not going in right direction, then they use their powers. US president is strong, but it is very difficult for some government institution to neglect congress point of view. In the end, we can say congress his taking his role from centuries in the US government effectively. Without congress, we cannot understand the US government polices.

When one says poker, you think of the game that many love to play. Yet, when you go to sit down, you might find that you are playing a whole different game. This is because there are so many different types of poker out there. Here one can learn about a few of those.

The first type of game that you might not know about is the Omaha poker game. This is in the hi/low format. One will find this on the online casino sites. This means that the person who has the highest hand has to split the pot with the person who has the lowest hand. In this game, you have four cards that make a hand. Normally, it comes down to the person that has a better hand will win the pot.

The other poker variation is the seven card stud poker. This was a game that many use to play when it came to different variations of poker. That was until the game Texas Hold’em came out. The only thing that comes close to the now famous game is that the rankings are the same. What happens is that they post an ante. When the dealer deals, they deal two cards face down. Then they deal one face up. The person who has the lowest card that is up has to start the game with a bet. Those who go next have to raise, fold, or call. Normally you have one bet and three raises with this game. Then after that round another face up card is dealt to those still in. Betting begins again. This is started with the person who has the strongest poker hand. You do this until the 7th card. This card is dealt face down. This is how the game is played.

Another variation is called Razz. Many of you will find that it’s pretty much like the previous one we just spoke about. Instead of getting the highest hand, you are now trying to get the lowest hand that you can. Another thing that is different is that straights and flushes don’t count against a person either. In Razz, aces are thought of as low cards.

Then, there is the Caribbean stud poker. While other types of poker are betting against the other players, this game differs slightly. The players are playing against the house or the casino; wherever you are playing. The casino or the house then acts as the dealer. A person only has to beat the dealers hand and no one else’s. There is no competition among the other players which throws people off quite a bit.

When it comes to how many different variations, well that all depends. It seems like every day a new form of the game has come out. That is why it’s so hard to say just how many variations there are of them out there. One can try counting, but when they think they have them all, they find that they find ten more at least.

With a name like Chris Moneymaker, one would think the guy would be hard pressed to do anything other than live up to it. Well, as the fates and pro poker tables would have it, this young poker player born on November 21, 1975 in Atlanta, Georgia sure had the luck of the game with him with a nickname that earns him big dollars – yes, you guessed right, his moniker is money!

Far from his birthplace, Chris now lives in the home of country music – Nashville in Tennessee and is associated with PokerStars.

If one would read about his early days, Chris started off in a completely different direction from the fulltilt poker download as he earned a graduate degree from Tennessee State University then went on to earn a masters in accounting. However, it could well be the love for numbers that soon had Chris adding up some pretty big ones for his wins when he got interested in online poker around the same time; he began working on his new hobby with extra vigor.

He got hooked on Texas Hold’em poker. Of course, at the time he was practicing his games and also holding down an accountant’s job and so Chris hadn’t imagined himself as a pro or that he’d be one of the biggest influences in the game!

But, he rose to poker stardom fast and proved to be an inspiration for many new poker players who dream of making a win like Chris MoneyMaker when he signed up for the $39 satellite hosted by PokerStars, a popular online card room that he won and through which he subsequently secured a seat in a bigger satellite game for. This larger satellite eventually got Chris the prize for competing in the WSOP Main Event.

Very early in the tournament, Lou Diamond a pro sports handicapper noticed Chris’ skills and called him the dark horse, which he quite well turned out to be because he emerged as the big winner of the tournament!

Thereafter, Chris competed with many other amateur poker players and won over them easily enough while also battling it out with established players like Howard Lederer, Paul Darden and Johnny Chan. Chris reached the final table position and was pitted against veteran poker player Sammy Farha and this is where he proved that even as an amateur he could perform consistently, especially when he moved all-in on with a king-high move during a pivotal bluff. Of course, he won the first prize, which was a cool $2.5 million and went on to achieve instant poker stardom in Las Vegas from that moment on. The memory is an unforgettable one for Chris also because this was his first time playing live poker in a tournament, not just because of the huge monetary win.

Chris’s gaming style earned him the tag of the ‘Moneymaker Effect’ because his keen sense of judgment and cool headedness during play with world class poker stars inspired a global online poker phenomenon of sorts as millions started playing in virtual card rooms hoping to have a taste of the moneymaker effect rub off on them.

Needless to say, post the WSOP win, Chris quit his job and became a celebrity spokesperson for Full Tilt that won him his stardom and traveled and played in bigger buy-in tourneys for some years. In 2008, Chris’s total earnings from live tournaments had crossed the $2,800,000, of which $2,532,041 was attributed to wins at the WSOP.

Caribbean stud poker plays like a combination of five card stud poker and blackjack. It is becoming an increasingly popular game at casinos. Even though the game is played at a table and there will be other players seated at the table. What makes Caribbean Stud poker different from the other variations of poker is that you don’t need to worry about your fellow players. When you are playing Caribbean poker the only person you need to worry about is the dealer.

The resemblance Caribbean stud shares with blackjack is uncanny. It starts with the games setting. In the casino it is usually located near the blackjack dealers. The table is just a blackjack table. The cards are dealt from a shoe, and instead of playing against your tablemates, you are in fact playing against the dealer. Just like with blackjack, Caribbean stud is another game where the house has the advantage.

Just because the house has the advantage doesn’t mean that it is impossible to come out ahead while you are playing. You just have to be creative. It is possible to win.

The one thing you shouldn’t do is try to count cards. Not only is this something that will get you tossed out of the casino, but it is virtually impossible to do. One of the rules of Caribbean stud poker is that none of the players should see the other players’ hands. Most casinos are really strict about this particular rule.

The other thing you shouldn’t try to do is be too clever. This is a simple game. Each player and the dealer are dealt five cards. If your hand is better than the dealer, you win. If the dealers hand is better, the house gets the winnings. Don’t try to think of elaborate methods for beating the house.

What you should do is learn the game. If you plan on spending a great deal of time playing Caribbean stud, either at a real world casino or at an online casino, you should be able to recall the rules right off the top of your head.

In addition to knowing the rules of Caribbean Stud, you should also have an almost instinctive grasp of the different hands. You want to be able to glance at your hand and know if it is good. You should also glance at the dealers four show cards and know if they are going to beat your hand or not. The quicker you can do all of this, the better you will be able to stay focused on the game.

The trick to beating the house while playing Caribbean poker has to do with the cards you are holding in your hands. As important as it is to know the different types of hands, you can pretty much rest assured that if you are holding either an ace or a king, your hand is going to trounce the dealer. If you are holding one of these two cards and the dealer isn’t showing any, you should bet the maximum amount the table allows. On the other hand, if you do not have an ace or a king, and the dealer is showing one, you should fold and wait for the next hand to be dealt.

Everybody is familiar with machines, and most people have played it since it is one of the most popular casino games available. Slot machines are responsible for seventy percent of all casinos’ incomes. You do not necessarily have to be in a casino to play slot machines; they are available practically everywhere, even on the internet. In casinos, you find slot machines at the entrance, in the middle of the casino, near the bar, and even in the exit! Because they are not worth a lot of money to play, and the winnings could possibly be huge amounts of money, people do not hesitate to try playing slot machines at least five times every time they go to a casino. Nobody really plays slot machines hoping to win a prize or the jackpot, people always expect the worst so that they wouldn’t be disappointed in this case, they think that the odds of winning are very low, and the odds of losing are very high. But actually, how low are the odds in favor of winning, and how high are the odds in the favor of losing?

Well, since the modern slot machines (video slot machines) can have up to five reels, and on each reel there may be up to fifty symbols, the chances of winning are very, very low. You might not be surprised to know that they were really low, but did you ever imagine them to be as low as one to three hundred million? That is it. That is how low the chances of winning are. As a consolation, I can tell you that you can increase the odds and chances that you will win. But that comes at a price, literally. In modern day video slot machines (which are similar to video games) you can choose the number of reels you want to play with, and you can also choose the number of symbols. As you increase your chances of winning by reducing the number of reels and symbols, you decrease the prize money you might get if you win. In fact you can reduce the reels and symbols so much that your chances of winning a prize might increase to four or five percent, but the prize would not be worth more than approximately a hundred dollars.

As you have seen, by increasing your luck you decrease the prize; there is a negative correlation between these two factors. After all this, the bottom line is that when you gamble on slot machines can be fun to play and they are really enjoyable, but if you will always think that whenever you will play you will win, you will get disappointed once too often. As far as slot machines are concerned, the chances of winning are not zero. Winning would only be impossible if the winning chances were zero. With slot machines, the odds are not zero; they are just a little above it. So yes, you do need a miracle to win on a slot machine.

Farha sitting on pocket Ace, 10, opens for 200 chips. That statement in most circles will send a slight chill through the bodies of the other players. But it’s how we got started on this conversation-worthy hand from an early round of the World Series of Poker a couple years ago.

Oliver Hudson, celebrity sibling – as the judges have gone through great lengths to tell us – rubs his chin a couple times (is this intentional? Do they players actually not know they’re throwing out tells like their pennies in a fountain?) and raises back. He’s sitting on pocket 10’s himself. Already with a 69% statistical advantage, Hudson now sits stone-faced, trying to play it cool in the company of a professional and legend.

The flop, the ridiculous flop, the…..insane flop….is Ace, Ace, 10. So both players land of full houses, but Sammy Farha of Full Tilt Poker has the high hand, and quickly earns the check mark. It probably bears mentioning that this is actually the first hand in the entire tournament. Talk about quick action right out of the gates.

Both players do a great job of restraining their faces. Both are wearing sunglasses, as well, and it’s situations like this that you appreciate what that’ll do for you. In a not entirely shocking move, both players check.

The turn, not that it matters, is a queen. Now Hudson moves, though, and bets 300 chips. Can’t blame the guy, I’d have done the same thing. In fact, I probably wouldn’t have been as disciplined and tossed some more in the middle after the flop.

It’s quick and dirty from this point on. Farha raises back to 1,300 chips. Hudson goes all-in (oops). FullTilt Farha calls right away, and after Hudson reveals his boat, Farha casually flips his cards, like it ain’t no thing, and doesn’t say a word.

Hudson throws out an “Oh my God!” and a “First hand!” – but it’s all just sprinkles and whipped cream on Farha’s 10,000-chip banana split.

I think most poker star players would agree this one might have been a little more luck of the draw than actual betting skill, but who cares, that’s a crazy flop, and the fact that it was on the first hand of the tournament only adds to the amazement.

The announcers’ comments at the end are priceless if not obvious. “He just blew through 10 grand in about 90 seconds.” Awesome.

Yes, there is something funny about Jim Davis. This would be the funny cartoon that he created that many know and love. This cartoon is no other than that tiger striped, lasagna loving, fat cat named Garfield. Many don’t know that he was created by this funny guy who has much love for animals. Well, maybe just one animal in particular.

Born July 28, 1945, many love this man. He is from the United States, but it seems every one around the world knows about the cartoon creature he created. Born as James Robert Davis, he signs each cartoon as Jim Davis. This man was raised by a loving family and is now raising a loving family of his own all the while working his passion. What is that passion?

While he is most noted for Garfield, there are other comic strips that he has done as well. These include Tumbleweed, Gnorm Gnat, and then there was even one that was about Mr. Potato Head. Before that, he had worked for an advertising agency. This was where he met Tom Ryan and where he began assisting with the Tumbleweed comic strip that got Jim Davis started and had started the flame of passion to work with comic strips.

Some of you wonder just how much of the Garfield things he has been responsible for, well he’s been the guy behind most of it. He helped them when they created the Garfield and Friends show. He created the Garfield series that many remember watching on Saturday morning. For this, he was given an Emmy. Lately though, he has been doing more with the Garfield line. He has recently helped the C. G. network He has created the videos of Garfield as well as the TV series that they are putting out on the C.G. network.

There are many that have wondered where his love for animals has come from. It’s not just animals that he loves, but James has a big passion for cats. Growing up, his family had twenty five cats in the home which could explain Jim Davis’s love for them. He was born in Indiana and actually went to Ball State University and he still lives there to this day where he owns his own company called Paws. Paws has helped many cartoonists as they employ fifty cartoonists to work this cartoon. They also hire many administrators to work with the licensing department for the Garfield line.

While he loves cats, Jim Davis doesn’t have one of his own as his wife is allergic to them. Instead, he does have a wonderful dog. Their products that feature Garfield are sold around the world and the headquarters is based out of Indiana. This Emmy award winning man continues to bring that cute character to people around the world in a number of ways. People continue to find that they look forward to reading those crazy comic strips that many of us remember reading when we were kids in the Sunday newspaper.