Poker Star Jim Davis

When one says poker, you think of the game that many love to play. Yet, when you go to sit down, you might find that you are playing a whole different game. This is because there are so many different types of poker out there. Here one can learn about a few of those.

The first type of game that you might not know about is the Omaha poker game. This is in the hi/low format. One will find this on the online casino sites. This means that the person who has the highest hand has to split the pot with the person who has the lowest hand. In this game, you have four cards that make a hand. Normally, it comes down to the person that has a better hand will win the pot.

The other poker variation is the seven card stud poker. This was a game that many use to play when it came to different variations of poker. That was until the game Texas Hold’em came out. The only thing that comes close to the now famous game is that the rankings are the same. What happens is that they post an ante. When the dealer deals, they deal two cards face down. Then they deal one face up. The person who has the lowest card that is up has to start the game with a bet. Those who go next have to raise, fold, or call. Normally you have one bet and three raises with this game. Then after that round another face up card is dealt to those still in. Betting begins again. This is started with the person who has the strongest poker hand. You do this until the 7th card. This card is dealt face down. This is how the game is played.

Another variation is called Razz. Many of you will find that it’s pretty much like the previous one we just spoke about. Instead of getting the highest hand, you are now trying to get the lowest hand that you can. Another thing that is different is that straights and flushes don’t count against a person either. In Razz, aces are thought of as low cards.

Then, there is the Caribbean stud poker. While other types of poker are betting against the other players, this game differs slightly. The players are playing against the house or the casino; wherever you are playing. The casino or the house then acts as the dealer. A person only has to beat the dealers hand and no one else’s. There is no competition among the other players which throws people off quite a bit.

When it comes to how many different variations, well that all depends. It seems like every day a new form of the game has come out. That is why it’s so hard to say just how many variations there are of them out there. One can try counting, but when they think they have them all, they find that they find ten more at least.