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Us congress is consisted on the senate and house of representatives. The head office is situated in Washington dc. Congress covers two years period and that period of congress is 112th congress. That period started from three January 2011. Congress main purpose is take a freedom in all the institution and it is driving force of us government. US Congress is considered soul of democracy. For avoiding any confusion, we can say member of congress is used to refer the senate and house of preventatives.

Congress take a huge role for giving shape of US government policies and most sensitive about the general public. Congress throw light on us government strengthen points and weakness about policies. Congress reflects every part of life in the United States like different kind of diversities and professions, etc. Congress gives his strengthen view about war and war over effects. We can give example of some US intellectual about us congress as an automobile which drives on different roads and directions. Driver’s character is important where he wants to take the automobile. During the journey, several places come, which is difficult for driver and automobile, but driver keeps his concentration on this journey. During whole the journey on different roads, internal system of the automobile is very important. If the internal system is strengthen, then automobile will drive in every difficult roads and situation and internal system also give indication to the driver about what should be the speed of automobile and how much fast he can drive. Internal system name is us congress and automobile and driver are the other parts of us government.

All members of the US congress play main roles about us policy. First is about local benefits of people and second is law making on national level. Congress is taking a huge role against hunger and poverty and talking on different matters to the United State government and guidelines as well. In the initial days when media was not so powerful that time congress have less sources for motivating the people, but in the 20th century, media become very powerful and congress avail this service for his purpose and on some issues congress takes its pressure on us government more efficiently because now because of media, congress members describe their point of view with full strength if they are not satisfying on us government some policies. The reason is that why congress members are gaining more benefit from media. This is an important reason behind.

In fact, media always oblige and search contradictory realities for getting viewer attention and then US congress members are not happy with US government polices, then they use the way and media gives attention their different point of view according to his agenda. The reality is congress person is much sincere with their national causes and sensitive also and when they feel that some things is not going in right direction, then they use their powers. US president is strong, but it is very difficult for some government institution to neglect congress point of view. In the end, we can say congress his taking his role from centuries in the US government effectively. Without congress, we cannot understand the US government polices.